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Who we are and what we do

Terra vista dall'alto

Who we are

Our team shares the same goal: to raise awareness of the beauties of our region, the points of interest and to promote the local businesses in order to encourage a return to tourism, “Turismo di Ritorno”.

Cosa facciamo

What we do

Riavviciniamo i tuoi cari

Reconnect you with your loved ones

We promote "tourism back to the roots": upon request, we put you in touch with your friends and relatives, helping you to get to know and rediscover your origins.

Riscopriamo le bellezze della nostra terra

Rediscover the beauty of our region

Around the towns and villages, we will rediscover customs and traditions, we will get to see typical products produced in our area by both small and larger businesses.

Organizziamo tour guidati

We organize
guided tours

We will organise a visit to your place of origin, accompanying and assisting you in the discovery of your heritage.

Coinvolgiamo i residenti dei vari paesi

We involve the residents of the various communities

Involving residents creates a sense of community: we will discover customs and traditions, life stories and anecdotes

Intervistiamo le aziende del territorio

We visit companies in the area

We will meet the owners and employees of small and large businesses, introducing their products and their passion; the key to the success of their business.

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