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"Turismo di Ritorno": what is it?

Turismo di ritorno

What is it?

The " Turismo di Ritorno " (or "the Return of Tourism") can be considered a tool for the discovery and revitalization of an area.

It is a form of tourism that more than the others, allows the tourist to discover his origins, discovering the history and culture of his roots.

This form of tourism is sometimes called "genealogical tourism", as it aims to mainly address the descendants of emigrants who return to visit and experience the places of their ancestors during their holidays.

Genealogical (or returning) tourists are not only interested in knowing the history of their ancestors, but also in discovering new forms of culture and traditions linked to the crafts, food and wine of those places.

The two types

The first type takes into consideration first generation emigrants who live in other countries, and who return to their country of origin every year.

In this case we are talking about the habitual tourist who returns to his own country for holidays to visit friends and relatives, rediscovering the habits and lifestyles he left behind when he emigrated.


Turismo di ritorno
turismo di ritorno

The second type concerns second and third generation descendants, i.e. the children and grandchildren of people who emigrated to overseas countries.

This type of tourist, unlike the first, undertakes a real journey of discovery, since they do not know their country of origin, or have little in-depth knowledge of it.


The data

dati turismo in italia

The data underlines the importance that "Turismo di Ritorno" has within our economic landscape. Forming a potential for growth and as a tool to overcome seasonality, this niche market can help bring diversity into our area.

The economic crisis in our country has meant that every year there are significant migratory flows abroad and this could, in the future, translate into an opportunity for the development of tourism, with excellent economic repercussions on our region.

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